Imarflex Rechargeable Flashlight IM-4221RX

Imarflex Rechargeable Flashlight IM-4221RX

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Auto-overcharge Protection
Auto-discharge Protection
Long Lasting Battery Life
Weather Proof
Durable Strap for Increase Portability
Advanced State of the Art Charging System
Car Charger

(AC 220V) Make sure the unit is off, connect the AC cord to start charging.
Full charge - 15 hours
(DC 12V Car Charging) Use the car lighter adapter to recharge the unit-charge only when the engine is running
If you have not use the unit for a long period of time, recharge the unit for at least 3 days

To adjust focus point:
Open front cover, take out reflector and rotate the focus point from behind the reflector

Battery (included)
Sealed maintenance - free rechargeable battery 6V
Bulb 6V 12watts xenon bulb
Spare bulb 6V 12watts
Charging time: 0-15 hours (depending on usage)
High beam lasts for 1.5 hours
Low beam lasts for 3 hours
Product Code: IM-4221RX
Product Dimensions: 14x21x13cm
Brand: Imarflex