Honda WL30XH DR Waterpump

Honda WL30XH DR Waterpump

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The WL30XH waterpump is a 3" mass volume centrifugal pump entirely developed by Honda. The pump and engine were both optimized with suited tuning to maximize the powerful pump performance. Application can be for controlling the water level in golf course pond, filling or draining a swimming pool and large-scale irrigation on farms etc.


Highly Efficient Pump Impeller
Excellent pump performance with the use of an impeller researched and developed by using the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis in examining the water flow within the pump in detail.

Abrasion-Resistant Silicone Carbide Seal

Abrasion-resistant silicone-carbide seals for extended wear.

Superior fuel economy was made possible by a powerful pump performance and optimal balance of lift and discharge.


5.5 Hp

3 x 3" inlet/outlet port diameter

23m total head left

Over head valve engine type

1100 L/min max discharge capacity

1.4 L/H fiel consumption

3.1L Fuel tank capacity

0.58L oil capacity

24kg dry weight

  • Honda WL30XH DR Waterpump
  • Gasoline Type