Firefly MH Lamp-Tubular FHIMH250/T 250W

Firefly MH Lamp-Tubular FHIMH250/T 250W

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Firefly Metal Halide Lamp is constructed of an outer bulb with an internal arc tube made of quarts. The arc tube operators under high pressure and high temperature.


Lamp Type: Metal Halide

Power Rating: 250 Watts

Lumens: 20500 Lm

Colour Temp: Cool White (4200K)

Life Hours: 10000 Hours

Lamp Shape: Tubular

Beam Angle: 360?

Lamp Base: E40

Operating Instructions

- Lamp must be operated with compatible control gears only.

- Protect the lamp from direct contact with liquids to avoid breakage from thermal shock

- In continuous operation (24 hours/day, 7 days/weel), turn off the lamp once a week for at least 15 minutes. Failure to comply increases the risk of rupture.

- Screw lamp firmly into the socket to minimize loose connection due to vibration. Do not use excessive force as the glass bulb may break.

- Take extra care when handing to avoid breakage during installation, or later during lamp operation.

- To avoid burn and electric shock during lamp replacement, power must be turned off to allow the lamp to cool down before removal.

- It requires 2 to 8 minutes to restart a come to full brightness after a power interruption. It is further influenced by variations in operating conditions and is not an indication of system or lamp failure. As lamp age, a gradual shift to a warmer colour temperature normally occurs.


- This lamp can cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation due to shortwave ultraviolet radiation if outer envelope of lamps is broken or punctured and the arc tube continues to operate.

- If outer glass envelope breaks or damaged and lamp continues to operate, immediately turn off the power and remove the lamp after it has cooled down.

- Do not look directly at the operating lamp for a long period of time as it may cause serious eye injury.