Boysen Epoxy Primer #2230 Gray With Catalyst 4LTR/GAL

Boysen Epoxy Primer #2230 Gray With Catalyst 4LTR/GAL

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DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Epoxy Primer a high quality, two-component, epoxy-polyamide system that has exceptional adhesion to practically any surface including steel tanks, coastal installations, galvanized iron, pipelines, aluminum, structural steel, etc. Has excellent corrosion resistance and sealing properties. Highly alkali-resistant so there is no need for neutralization of new concrete.

PRINCIPAL USES: As a primer for topcoats of Epoxy Enamel or Acqua Epoxy™ to be applied on metal, galvanized iron, wood and masonry

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 20-25 square meter / 4 liters / coat

SURFACE DRY: 2-3 hours

DRY THROUGH: 6-8 hours

DRY FILM THICKNESS: 1.5 mils/coat

THINNING: BOYSEN® Epoxy Reducer #55

APPLICATION: By Paint brush or spray gun

PACKAGING: BOYSEN® Epoxy Primer comes in 4-liter cans,  ¾ full packed with Curing Agent in a 1-liter can

MIXING RATIO: 3:1, paint-to-catalyst, respectively