Bosch Jigsaw Blade T227D 2608631030 (3PCS PER PACK)

Bosch Jigsaw Blade T227D 2608631030 (3PCS PER PACK)

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  • HSS 
  • Side set, milled 
  • For thin to thick sheet metals (3-15 mm), pipes + profiles (diameter less than 30 mm), especially for curve cuts 
  • Round cut, fine 
  • Fast cut


  • Bosch T227D Jigsaw Blades 2608631030, these are 3pcs metal cutting blade kits great for fast cutting curves plus thin and thick sheet metals from 3mm to 15mm, pipes and profiles up to 30mm, aluminium up to 30mm and glass fibre reinforced plastic/epoxy 30mm. These T227D blades are HSS side set milled blades that are 100mm long with a 3mm pitch


  • Length of teeth: [mm] 74
  • Tooth spacing: [mm] 3
  • Thin to thick sheet metal: (3-15 mm)
  • Pipes + profiles (diameter)
  • Metal plates: [mm] 3-15
  • Aluminium: [mm] up to 30
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastics-epoxy: [mm] up to 30